For Better, For Worse

By Alan Hopgood

A play about  Alan Hopgood’s battle with prostate cancer , in which a tragic subject is treated positively and with comedy, as the best way to deal with matters, which might otherwise confront and intimidate an audience.

With Margot Knight, Matthew King and Alan Hopgood.

A Forum follows in which questions arising from the play are answered by a local GP and/or urologist.

“Everything you needed to know about men but were afraid to ask”

If “Mum’s the Word” was all about women, then ”For  Better, For Worse” is all about men.

This play began the merging of arts and health, which led to the conception and development of HealthPlay.

This play introduced another dimension to health and wellbeing for the community at Cobden....we consider the play a ‘must do’ for community health awareness.

Doug Issell, Chief Executive Officer Cobden District Health Services Inc

You saved my life. After seeing the play I went off to the doc. Sure enough I had prostate cancer. He operated. Now, I’m okay. You saved my life.

Barry, Walpeup