Never Too Old

Two old men quietly ‘rust’ away in a nursing home, until their sympathetic nurse surprises one of them with an interesting and diverting excursion. His sudden rejuvenation leads the other to insist on the same privilege.

When Alan Hopgood wrote “NEVER TOO OLD”, based on a true story in “The Age”, he thought it was an exceptional case. But he has since been told of others. One, of a retirement home on the Mornington Peninsula, where three elderly gentlemen hire a taxi to visit a certain establishment every Friday afternoon. And another establishment, restricted to the first floor because it was in a residential area, applied to have that restriction reviewed, because its older customers, including a 90 year old, couldn’t make it up the stairs.

Written by Alan Hopgood.

Starring Kirsty Child, Matthew King or Denis Moore and Alan Hopgood.

Just because you lose your legs doesn’t mean you’ve lost everything! It was a great laugh. Did you use your senior’s Card?

Audience member, Forge Theatre and Arts Hub, Bairnsdale 2013

If you hadn’t said it was based on a true story, I would not have believed it! Audience member I found the play life affirming. Can’t wait to get old!

D. Chester, 32 yrs old