Out of the Blue

Suicide in a country town. Four blokes gather in a pub to discuss life’s challenges… a story of heartache, laughter, and good old aussie mateship.

Written by Stig Wemyss, based on the ‘Out of The Blue’ project at Bass Coast Health. Stig brought the play to Alan because he believed the HealthPlay model was the best vehicle to carry the message of the play to country communities.

As one of Australia’s leading early prevention suicide prevention organisations, OzHelp is keen to explore new ways of raising awareness around this national epidemic. We were delighted to partner with Health Play in the delivery of their outstanding production ‘Out of the Blue in 2017. The night was engaging or, and delivered the information in a humorous yet incredibly powerful way. I warmly recommend this play and the Health Play team.

Tony Holland
CEO, Oz Help

‘Out of the Blue’ has also worked with the following organisations:


Royal Flying Doctors

The National Suicide Prevention Conference, Suicide Prevention Australia