Four Funerals in One Day

Karen is a community nurse caring for her first dying patient. Clarrie has had enough of being a burden on his family and wants to die now. Vi is tired and bad tempered and wondering why she stays working in palliative care, particularly as she has her own problems at home. Sue is walking the fine line of acting as a mentor for junior staff and supporting a colleague who isn’t coping. Designed to facilitate community conversations about death, grief and living, Four Funerals in One Day is based on real people’s stories and is an entertaining and inspiring performance piece.

Written by Alan Hopgood (in collaboration with Molly Carlile).

Starring Babs McMillan, Michelle Hall, Margot Knight or Jenny Seedsman and Alan Hopgood.

An extremely touching play that treats a difficult subject with great compassion and respect. Great insights into death from all perspectives.

Audience member, Gippsland Tour 2009