The Empty Chair

by Alan Hopgood (in collaboration with Molly Carlile)

A family gathering to celebrate the first Christmas without their mother finds they have to face the onset of dementia in their father.

“The Empty Chair” is in the vein of “Mother and Son”, dealing with an otherwise sad and perhaps confronting subject with disarming humour. Those who wish to see a play about dementia will not be disappointed. Those who want an entertaining night in theatre will also not be disappointed.

The play presents actors well-known to Melbourne audiences –

Margot Knight, Paul English or Brett Swain, Michelle Hall or Jessica Clarke and Alan Hopgood.

“The Empty Chair” is a full-length play that can be offered to conventional theatres for commercial seasons.

I thought the play was truly accurate and credible without touching on any really distasteful or disturbing aspects of the dementia.

The audience engaged well with the play and were keen to learn more about our local services. It was also a wonderful springboard to discuss other areas of mental illness.

Helen Giles Mental Health Carer Support, Villa Maria Catholic Homes, Stawell September 2015